Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Genuine Support or Strategic Move to Protect His Business: Alagie Conteh’s Move to NPP Triggers Debate 

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By Sarjo Brito 

Debate ignited amongst Gambians following what seems to be a shocker to many as business mogul and UDP heavyweight cross-carpets to President Barrow’s National Peoples’ Party (NPP). 

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The Proprietor of Dabanani Electrical at a ceremony held in Jambur yesterday shared his decision to now join the Gambian leader in the interest of national development. 

Conteh’s decision however opened room for speculation as Gambians question the motive behind his decision even after he publicly told Gambians during the campaign period that he would use every resource at his disposal to ensure that President Barrow does not return to State House. 

The business mogul also alleged that the Barrow government have made several attempts to block him from getting government contracts after The Gambian leader asked him to ditch the UDP for his NPP, an offer the business mogul said he declined. 

In October 2021, the Dabanani Proprietor made news headlines after one of his bank accounts was blocked, allegedly under the instruction of The Gambia government.

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So, what has suddenly changed some asked? 

The news of Conteh’s support for The President attracted a lot of questions and opinions as many attributes his decision to join Barrow as nothing but a classic case of ‘if you can’t win them, join them’, a strategic move by the business mogul to protect his assets. 

“The capture of Businessman Alagie Conteh isn’t a victory to NPP but also not a loss to UDP like he was with APRC not because of his belief in the APRC agenda but the contracts the Jammeh administration was giving him. He did the same after the 2016 elections, he continued with the new administration. 

When father (Darboe) and his political son (Barrow) got the split, he did what he’s best at to take a gamble between the two and with his belief that UDP was going to win the December polls, he joined and not only contributed to bankrolling their campaign but actively got involved in the campaign and openly said,

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‘he was going to use all his resources to end the Barrow administration come December’. Joining UDP for him wasn’t because of the party’s policies but rather the favours he will get in return after helping finance their campaign’’ – Political Commentator Dabakh Malick wrote in reaction to Conteh’s move.

“Will Alagie Conteh’s accounts be unfrozen now that he has joined Barrow? We are not a serious country,’’ – Pasamba Jow commented.

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