Tuesday, May 28, 2024

The Bob Keita Foundation: Empowering Youth, Inspiring Change

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The BKF Foundation, in its commitment to giving back to the community and country, visited Gambia High Senior School as part of its initiative.

The initiative was established in response to the increase in drug use in the country. Recognizing the importance of engaging the younger generation in avoiding such substances and focusing on their education, the foundation took action “Take the Pen and Leave the Drug”.

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In delivering the pen, I addressed students and emphasized to them that education serves as a tool for building a better society. Added that the foundation is concerned with the rise of drug consumption within the youthful population.

I encouraged them to stay clear of substances like Gina Bass, Kroos, and any other drugs that could hinder their education.

As a source of inspiration, I presented the school with 2,000 pens, carrying a message urging the students to choose the pen symbolizing a brighter future over the destructive path of drugs.

The head girl of the school expressed gratitude on behalf of the students, commending the foundation for its commendable initiative. She highlighted that in their three years at the school, no other organization had offered such initiatives or uplifting gestures.

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Additionally, the school management also extended their appreciation to the foundation for its efforts.

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