By Lamin Njie

Gambians have slammed as false claims by President Adama Barrow that one can purchase a bag of rice for less than 1000 dalasis.

President Barrow in a GRTS exclusive claimed that the price of a bag of rice has gone down and than one can get it for less than 1000 dalasis.

A video of the interview has emerged online and Gambians have been reacting to it with Fatty Hydara commenting: “Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Is Adama Barrow who is misleading Gambians or is his adviser’s who are misleading him? Bilahi Barrow i will never forgive you for this misleading words. Jeh jeh how can a leader sit comfortably in front of a camera and open his big mouth and says something which is not true. Even his body language is sayings Sir what you are saying is wrong! Mbakoko aliko Kambia!”

Kebba Sarr said: “Which country’s commodity prices are u talking about? We know the previous and present prices at Picton Street anyway.”

Lamin Camara said: “Dou Sanno and others are giving him wrong information.”

Baldeh Abdullah said: “Da journalist shld av stopped him n ask him abt da market location famz……Rice 1000.”

Modou Drammeh said: “Adu stop the weed is very strong for u, maybe the price he’s talking about is in state house mini market.”