Friday, July 19, 2024

West African Military-Led Nations Exit ECOWAS, Citing Alleged Threats and Betrayal

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By: Sainabou Gassama

Three West African nations led by military forces have declared their immediate withdrawal from the regional bloc of ECOWAS, accusing the organization of posing a threat to its member states.

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On Sunday, Burkina Faso, Mali, and Niger Republic announced their departure from the Economic Community of West African States. The three countries, currently under military rule, stated in a joint Sunday publication that they have “decided in complete sovereignty on the immediate withdrawal” from ECOWAS.

ECOWAS, allegedly under the influence of foreign powers, was accused of “betraying its founding principles,” as it has become a “threat to its member states and their populations.”

In their joint statement, the three countries criticized the regional body for failing to support their fight against “terrorism and insecurity” while imposing “illegal, illegitimate, inhumane, and irresponsible sanctions.”

The junta-led nations no longer consider themselves members of ECOWAS, asserting that the regional body has allegedly “deviated from the ideals of its founding fathers and pan-Africanism.”

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However, as of now, the ECOWAS Commission has not received any direct formal notification from the three member states about their intention to withdraw from the community.

The juntas argued that instead of improving their situations, ECOWAS sanctions have further weakened their populations already affected by years of violence.

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