Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Three Years Jotna will stage permit-less protest on Sunday – source

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By Lamin Njie

Police on Tuesday handed a letter to officials of Three Years Jotna informing them their request for a permit to stage a protest on Sunday has been rejected.

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Police chief Mamour Jobe told the anti-Barrow group he could not grant them a permit due to ‘compelling’ national security and public safety concerns. The move has divided Gambian opinion.

A source close to OTYJ has however told The Fatu Network the pressure group’s planned protest for President Barrow to step down remains on course.

“Members of Operation Three Years Jotna remain determined to go ahead with their protest with or without a permit,” the source said.

The Fatu Network understands UN and Ecowas officials on Tuesday met Operation Three Years Jotna top figures.

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The Fatu Network could not immediately piece together if the summit had to do with the police’s permit move.

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