Friday, July 19, 2024

MC Cham JNR – OPINION: Permit refusal for the ‘3 Years Jotna’

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The Government of the Gambia will never stop the “short cut” despite Leadership goes with responsibility . The Movement’s denial to follow up march on the 19th January 2020, can further aggravate tension than to resolve the conflict to a win-win situation. Every application made in accordance with the Public Order Act of the Gambia, shall contain particulars of the point of departure, route and point of termination of the public march to which such application relates, the hours between which such march will take place and an estimate of the number of persons who are expected to participate in such march. This is accountability and respecting the rule of law from the “3 years Jotna” movement.

The National Security Council should advise the president to provide the appropriate security measures according to the details Provided or take a leadership decision to diffuse the tension through dialogue than refusing a permit when the Gambia Constitution (1997) give right of assembly under section (25) .

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The State should be a watchman for safety and security and the guarantor of domestic order through objectivity and leadership qualities. Denying permit will now affect the effectiveness and efficiency of the security forces if the “3 years Jotna” movement want to exercise their right and demands. This will further affect the political assessments of the country.

God save The Gambia!

MC Cham Jnr

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