Saihou Mballow has said he would not offer GDC leader Mamma Kandeh one million dalasis talk less of a man who sits on a village ‘Benteng’ sofa – as he reacts to claims by GDC Niamina West chairman Birom Jallow he offered him one million dalasis to join NPP.

“That is not true.Do I have one million to give someone? What importance does he have? Even Mamma Kandeh, I will not offer him one million much more an ordinary man sitting on a Benteng. I think they (GDC) are just desperate,” Mr Mballow told The Fatu Network.

He then explained his encounter with Birom: “I passed through Niamina because there was a funeral there. I passed through Choya and found this Birom sitting down with some boys on a Bente (local sofa made of tree branches). I stopped there to wait for my second vehicle which was trailing behind me.

“I wanted to use the bathroom and he asked me to go inside. I went inside and found a lady using the bathroom. I had to wait until she was ready. After using the bathroom, I came out and sat down to wait for my vehicle that was trailing behind.

“They were brewing attaya but unfortunately the attaya fell into water. They then put it on top of the Bente to dry it. I then asked them if they were going to wait until it got dry and they said yes. I then took out D50 and asked them to go and buy some attaya since I was also going to drink.

“Birom then told me there is Quranic recitation that he wanted to go to. I told him he would then not find me there when he returns. I then gave him D100 for him to buy kolanut for him to take it to the event. What I’m telling you is exactly what happened and nothing else.”