Friday, July 19, 2024

Raging fire consumes Gassama Kunda house, killing one

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A woman has died in a raging fire outbreak that has devoured the entire Gassama Kunda in Jokadu Darsilami village, leaving the occupants homeless and destitute.

The fire broke out at approximately 4:30 p.m. and quickly spread throughout the house, reducing it to ashes within an hour. The cause of the fire is still under investigation, but preliminary reports suggest that it may have been caused by an electrical spark.

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The blaze consumed the entire house, leaving nothing behind. They lost all their valuable belongings, materials, and some cash in the inferno. This tragic incident has left the Gassama Kunda family in a devastating situation as they mourn the loss of a woman who was seen as the pillar of the house.

Speaking to the media, the head of the Gassama Kunda Family, Baba Leigh Gassama, was in tears as he revealed how shocking and devastating the fire outbreak was for them.

In explaining the scenario, Mr Gassama said he received a call telling him that there was a fire at their house, which was shocking news to him. He revealed that losing the entire house is tragic, but the most shocking part was losing the woman who served as the Pillar of the compound.

He appealed for assistance in these trying times, saying “We are calling on all well-meaning individuals and organizations to come to the aid of this family. They have lost everything they own and are now in dire need of assistance.”

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Ansu Fofana, a nephew to the victim’s family, described the damages of the inferno as horrific as a handsome amount [of cash] had perished within an hour of the fire outbreak.

Omar Dibba, the imam of the village, noted that the fire got worse due to the high concentration they gave to saving the woman in the house which led to the spread of the fire to the extent of ravaging the whole house.

The villagers have pleaded with the public to come to the aid of the family, who are now in dire need of assistance.

The heart-wrenching incident has left the village in shock with many residents expressing their condolences to the affected family.

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For support to the family, contact these numbers 7045530 or 7785519.

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