Sunday, July 21, 2024

Public Service Minister Urges Government Officials and Others to Fear God

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By: Dawda Baldeh

While addressing a crowd at a joint meeting in Chamoi Bunda village, Wuli West District, on Sunday, Babucarr Boye, the Public Service Minister overseeing the Ministry of Local Government and Lands, called on government officials and other public servants to incorporate a sense of fear for God into their line of duty.

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Boye, who assumed the position a few months ago, emphasized that for the government to realize its development aspirations, everyone entrusted with public institutions should meet the expectations placed upon them.

He noted that if all government agencies work towards the advancement of the country, many challenges faced by citizens could be solved.

“To those in the government, we all have responsibilities. The worst scenario is when a task is given, and it is ignored. One might think they are fooling people, but the angels are recording every single deed. We should not forget that a judgment day will come, and we need to fear Allah. Let’s be honest with ourselves and our country,” Boye said.

He further mentioned that the appointment to the cabinet is a privilege, but the office should not be driven by privilege. Boye stressed that the government cannot achieve its goals alone and, therefore, needs support from everyone.

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He encouraged village leaders and chiefs to collaborate with the government for smooth development. Minister Boye added that some projects failed due to a lack of cooperation.

“We observed that sometimes the government brings projects into a community, but acquiring land is always a problem. Property owners will be requesting huge amounts of money instead of making things flexible for everyone to benefit,” he added.

Boye stressed that chiefs and alkalis should help to discuss with their people to mitigate such problems. “The most important thing is for you to leave a good legacy in a place. But if you don’t work for it, then people will celebrate it when you leave,” he asserted.

Emphasizing the significance of collaboration, Boye said development is faster when people work together.

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