Monday, June 17, 2024

‘Your every song sounds the same’: Gee ignites Jizzle beef

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By: Muhammed Lamin Drammeh

Gee, an inactive Gambian rapper, has accused Jizzle, an Afro-beat sensation, of recycling his lyrics and making similar-sounding songs.

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In a war of words between Gee and Jizzle on X, formerly Twitter, the rapper now based in the United States said that Jizzle has a limited vocabulary.

“You have recycled your lyrics until your every song sounds the same. Your vocabulary is limited,” Gee tweeted about Jizzle.

Gee went further to claim that he has outgrown the Gambian music industry because he has earned so much money to be playing in certain arenas.

“FYI [For Your Information], I am not a Gambian artist. I have outgrown that chapter of my life; got way too much money to be jumping on plywood entertaining kids,” he said.

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In his response, Jizzle told Gee to continue selling weed and allow him to work. He claimed that he had made more money in music than Gee had made in his entire musical career.

“El Chapa, despite going to school and graduating, you are not doing anything related to academia. Sell your weed and allow the boy to work. I have more money in music than you did in your entire career,” Jizzle responded.

Gee began his musical career in The Gambia and has been regarded as one of the best rappers in the country’s musical industry.
Jizzle, on the other hand, has been doing well in the industry, winning awards and producing hit songs.

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