Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Police PRO Urges People to Refrain from Roaming with Weapons, Provides Details on Various Crimes

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By: Dawda Baldeh

The Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Gambia Police Force, Cadet ASP Binta Njie, recently appeared on the popular show ‘Giss Giss’ on The Fatu Network.

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During her appearance, she urged people to refrain from roaming with weapons, especially in public places. She also provided detailed information on various crimes.

Njie emphasized the importance of safety measures in public spaces and stated that the police cannot be everywhere to search individuals.

She also acknowledged the limitations of police resources and manpower, highlighting that they can’t be present in every public space.

Njie also discussed the murder case of Fatoumata Kargbo, stating that the accused has been charged with murder and is currently in detention.

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She called on public business owners to construct structures that would protect their staff and encourage them to remain inside to avoid direct interaction with clients.

Njie emphasized the need for such measures to ensure the safety of staff members.

Regarding the murder investigation, Njie mentioned that the principal suspect, Haruna Tine, has been giving contradictory statements, and investigations are ongoing.

She explained that the police had requested printouts to verify Tine’s claims of contact with the victim.

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Njie also highlighted the importance of surveillance cameras, stating that their presence in the local bureau would have aided the investigation.

Njie warned against the practice of running into crime scenes, as it can contaminate evidence and make it difficult to determine the perpetrator.

She also cautioned against the influence of public opinions on investigations, stating that everyone wants to share their opinions, which can impact the outcome.

Njie cited insufficient mobility as a challenge for the police in responding to crimes and emphasized the need to increase police visibility to reduce violence.

The PRO mentioned that the Inspector General of Police recently visited Turkey and brought equipment to enhance police operations.

She urged Gambians to treat foreigners with respect, as they are also travelers to other countries.

Njie advised people to be discreet when handling cash and protect their valuables to minimize the likelihood of resorting to violence.

Njie provided updates on a previous incident in Bakau, where a 62-year-old woman was killed.

Two young individuals were initially arrested but later released.

The case is currently with the attorney general’s chambers, and the police are awaiting the conclusion.

Njie emphasized the importance of thorough investigations to ensure that the perpetrators are brought to justice, citing the Bob Keita trial, which took almost two years before his innocence was proven.

When asked about the complexity of cases and the availability of forensic expertise, Njie mentioned that the police have forensic capabilities but lack the necessary materials and equipment.

She also highlighted challenges related to people’s attitudes towards each other and the declining neighborhood watch, stating that community involvement is crucial for security.

Njie addressed concerns about reporting incidents to the police, noting that some individuals are afraid of being labeled as informers.

However, she assured that measures are in place to protect the identity of sources, fostering trust and confidence between the police and informants.

Njie also expressed concerns about missing person alerts on social media, stating that in some cases, the individuals were not missing.

She emphasized the need for balanced reporting to prevent instilling fear in the public.

Lastly, Njie discussed the issue of road accidents and the police’s efforts to address the problem.

She mentioned the “clear the road” operation as a significant step in tackling this concern.

Njie called for a review of traffic laws to address the behavior of drivers and pedestrians and encourage safer practices on the roads.

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