By Lamin Njie

The national president of the United Democratic Party Dembo ‘By Force’ Bojang has said that those insulting President Adama Barrow, Ousainou Darboe and others on social media are Mandinkas.

Mr Bojang stated this on Friday at the opening of a three-day congress organized by the United Democratic Party.

Hundreds of party delegates from across the country have gathered in Kololi to elect a new executive to helm the party for the next two years.

And Mr Bojang, who is an advisor to President Adama Barrow addressing the delegates, said: “UDP comprises Fulas, Mandinkas, Serers, Manjagoes, Papels, every tribe. But all this wrangling is coming from the Mandinka society. There was a time when Yahya Jammeh tells Mandinkas, ‘what do you think you are’ we all get upset. Let’s prove him wrong by showing him that what he’s saying about you is not the case.

“But the signs [of what Yahya Jammeh said] have come out. If you go to social media, you find a Mandinka insulting fellow Mandinka. If you go to social media, a Mandinka is insulting Ousainou Darboe. If you go to social media, a Mandinka is insulting OJ (Omar Jallow). If you go to social media, a Mandinka is insulting Mai Fatty. If you go to social media, they’re insulting Adama Barrow. What is all this? All are Mandinkas.”

According to Mr Bojang, the older people who are part of UDP are getting depressed over the comportment of the Mandinkas.

“You are making us the older people depressed. You were not aware when we founded the UDP. You saw the UDP’S philosophy and came to join the UDP. And now that we have good fortune, all we have is insults, abuse and trash talk,” he said.