Monday, April 22, 2024

Madi Jobarteh Says ECOWAS Is the Greatest Obstacle to Democracy in West Africa

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By: Sainabou Gassama

Madi Jobarteh, a prominent human rights activist and civil society leader, has accused ECOWAS of promoting bad leadership and governance in its region.

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Following the press statement issued by ECOWAS on Friday, February 16th, 2022, regarding Senegal’s President Macky Sall’s postponement of the February 25th election to December 15th, the human rights activist Madi Jobarteh stated that the statement is weak and misguided. He criticized it for not applying pressure on the government but rather providing more space for the government to find excuses.

Jobarteh mentioned that since its establishment in 1975 to promote peace, economic integration, development, democracy, and good governance in West Africa, ECOWAS has unfortunately become the greatest obstacle to achieving these objectives. He asserted, “Not only has it failed to create economic integration, but it has also neglected to ensure democracy and good governance, thereby fostering bad leadership and conflicts in the region.”

He added that the ECOWAS Commission and ECOWAS Parliament could have facilitated greater peace, prosperity, and democracy in West Africa but have instead become the greatest hindrances by failing to advise, monitor, support, guide, and pressure the heads of state to uphold ECOWAS protocols.

Jobarteh further accused ECOWAS of issuing a misleading statement on Senegal, alleging that its handling of the situation demonstrates the inefficiency and incompetence of the ECOWAS Commission. He stated, “A critical review of this statement reveals that the ECOWAS Commission is cozying up to a delinquent president instead of holding him accountable.”

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He emphasized that now is an opportunity for ECOWAS to prove its credibility, efficiency, and competence to West Africans after failing to address the situation in Senegal caused by the Senegalese government’s actions.

“The Senegalese opposition and citizens have been responsible stakeholders, standing on the path of the law and exercising their constitutional rights,” Jobarteh said. “The only belligerent and violator has been President Macky Sall’s government. Therefore, the ECOWAS Commission must address the issue directly instead of seeking to divert attention.”

Jobarteh rhetorically questioned why the ECOWAS Commission failed to specifically name President Macky Sall in the communique to remind him of his constitutional obligations in light of the court ruling. He claimed that Macky Sall is both the problem and the solution in Senegal, as he unethically postponed the election, triggering protests, and subsequently ordered violence against demonstrators, leading to arrests, detentions, torture, and killings of opponents, activists, journalists, and citizens.

He concluded by stating that it is time to focus the spotlight on the ECOWAS Commission and Parliament, emphasizing that the current statement does not meet the expectations of Senegalese and West Africans.

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