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Land Conflicts in Foni: Jarol Village Requests Return of Disputed Arankon Kunda Lands from Nioro Jarrol

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By: Dawda Baldeh

Land conflicts have emerged in the village of Jarrol in the Foni District, as Nioro Jarrol, a recent settler, lays claim to lands in Arankon Kunda.

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Mustapha Jarju, a resident of Jarol village, stated that Nioro Jarrol, who initially farmed on their lands, is now asserting ownership of some lands in Arankon Kunda.

The village of Jarol intervened and requested Nioro Jarrol to relinquish the disputed lands, but they reportedly refused.

Consequently, Jarol village now seeks to reclaim the lands.

The conflict involves Jarrol village as the host of Nioro Jarrol, who is purported to have claimed ownership of some lands in Arankon Kunda.

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The matter was brought before the Chief of Foni Jarrol, but the people of Nioro Jarrol allegedly persisted in claiming ownership of the lands.

On February 3rd, the chief, accompanied by the people of Jarrol and the Alkalo of Arankon Kunda, along with personnel from the State Intelligence Service, went to Nioro for land demarcation.

However, one source claimed that the residents of Nioro Jarrol hid in their homes, leaving the chief and the Alkalo waiting at their Bantaba (meeting place).

According to Mustapha Jarju, a resident of Jarol Village, the chief of Foni advised the villagers to return after the residents of Nioro Jarrol failed to appear.

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“The following day, on February 4th, the chief summoned a meeting with the people of Jarrol and Nioro Jarrol, with the Station Officer of Kalagi Police Station in attendance.

During the meeting, the people of Nioro insisted that they would not vacate the farmlands, even if it meant facing harm from the people of Jarrol, as they could not settle in the village without being allowed to utilize the farmland,” he explained.

Following this meeting, the chief, together with the governor, convened a meeting at the Governor’s office, where the governor promised to uphold the law in the matter and advised the chief to make a ruling on the issue.

Efforts have been made to reach out to residents of Nioro Jarol, but all have proven fruitless at the time of this publication.

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