By Lamin Njie

Operation Three Years Jotna’s Sunday protest took a huge twist on Friday following a summit that ended with members of the group agreeing to call off the protest.

Top figures of Operation Three Years Jotna, the interior minister, security chiefs and members of the civil society met at the ministry of interior in a six-hour showdown that ended with every party giving something.

Operation Three Years Jotna had been denied a permit to protest but the group threatened to stage its protest regardless.

A last-minute deal was struck on Friday between the government and Operation Three Years Jotna at a summit held at the interior ministry, with both sides compromising.

On the side of Operation Three Years Jotna, the group agreed to call off Sunday’s protest while the police have agreed to undo its initial position of refusing the group a permit on the other.

Police will now issue the group a permit to stage a protest on Sunday January 26.