After stunning revelations of Yahya Jammeh’s men exhuming the remains of Solo Sandeng, hurling obscenities at his lifeless body and feeding it to his crocodiles thinking that will hide his crime for good. Gambians yet again woke up to the heartaches of our wounds of grief giving us new unimaginable pain to bear because the voices of the dead begin to resonant again in our minds and in every true Gambian’s heart as the sounds of 4000lb of jaws crushes the bones of our brother. He has long fomented the notion of disappearing certain people he wished much of an ill will for good. Rarely has so much hate and vitriol been aimed at Gambian by someone who had proven to very deadly. Nevertheless, this is validation or a testament of a troubling trend because — the number of citizens who died mysteriously in the hands of the regime and disappeared this year alone is outpacing last year’s figure. The unusual character of Yahya Jammeh does not paused for a moment to override his evil thoughts to behave within acceptable bounds of humanity or let alone heed to the pleas of the mourning families.


The real peril here is — the military personnel are now confessing to witnessing such heinous crimes or conveying stories they heard from their colleagues. The problem here is Yaya Jammeh has successfully burnish their Insurmountable reputation as good for nothing except killing Gambians, empowering dictatorship during April 14th/16 events, a shameful display of mob anarchy every time they encounter Gambians, collecting salaries and going after our women. They should continue Speak up with courage, and share what you’ve seen to help expose Yaya Jammeh who speaks on both of his mouth whiles terrorizing Gambians. After 22 years of dictatorship, a man who can’t even marshal a hodgepodge of his thoughts into a coherent plan, can’t seem to stop contradicting himself on issuing proposals but always consistent in divisiveness, bigotry or hatred and making good on his promises of intimidation as a means of achieving he needs. Yahya Jammeh is certainly guilty of shrillness on many issues, exploits any misjudgments of Gambians about himself or any loopholes he sees fit to capitalize on punishing our citizens every time with chilling crimes to clip off Gambians from their countries affairs.



As Yahya Jammeh behavior grows ever more authoritarian by vigorously killing Gambians at will, he now conversely reverted to maligning citizens through tribalism with intolerable rhetoric as he continues his ruthless vengeful crackdowns purging not only opposition figures, but people from all works of life including civil servants, women, nursing mothers and military personnel’s. one noble figure demonstrated the critical importance of strong leadership in a time of crisis and demanded accountability from Gambia’s strong alien foe — Yahya Jammeh. This is none other than Ousainou Darboe and his executives who showed Gambians where Yaya Jammeh is vulnerable. Ousainou Darboe took on Yahya Jammeh by exuding remarkable dignity and humanity during one of the darkest hours in Gambia. He exposed the dictator and trashed the mercenary judges using his intellect whiles his group sang “For the Gambia” our homeland. He showed the nation that there is a level of intransigence that he won’t tolerate with a dictator thus making a difference in fighting to restoring peace and confidence to the Gambian population — shaken by an unspeakable tragedy by no other than Yahya Jammeh.


It was a telling move to Gambians to stick together as he pointed to us a path we should follow to end dictatorship. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated his commitment to that last point. Other opposition figures response has fallen far short of the leadership needed in such a volatile situation as. This has enormous implications for many Gambians who still believe in going to elections with the dictator despite the questions about the unpopular Yahya Jammeh’s honesty and trustworthiness after killing a man calling just for electoral reforms. Well, some Gambians are telling us this is the year that the impulse to vote against the “Dictator” is strongest as evident of our country now in ruins. When you read and listen to most of the commentary in our online newspapers, on the air and on social media sites, you might think the race is over for Yahya Jammeh. Well as of now, Gambians on the ground obviously regard this as their only available insurance of red card against runaway Dictatorship. We wish them much luck but we want to remind them also, the man owns the barrels with his counterfeit marbles. So make sure you hear the sound “Kanggggg” before you leave the polling booth otherwise the odds are your vote does not count!


By Habib ( A Concerned Gambian)