Monday, July 22, 2024

Power against principle: Writer Refers to Justice Ministry as ‘Injustice Ministry’

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Dear Editor,


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The Ministry of Justice has now turned to be a Ministry of injustice. A group of individuals with the instruction of the Solicitor General and her boss have been responsible for procurement for the colloquium and decided to single source and totally excluding the procurement office. They later wanted the procurement officer to sign for their actions which are contrary to Gambia Public Procurement Authority rules and regulations.

When the pull and push became tough between the procurement officer and SG Sankareh, they decided to use their power and influence to blame the poor boy for reporting the problem to the media. My investigations gathered that in fact most of the people working at the Ministry of Justice got the news from your medium and views were exchanged among the staff. I understand that at the recent contract’s committee meeting people were shown a copy or copies of the story.

Mr. Ebou Mboob who was to sign for something he did not participate in was now singled out by the so-called powerful SG and AG to dance to his demonstration of principle and professionalism. He is still in detention while the group is making every possible effort to defend themselves. The big question that still remains unanswered is: was reporting the story to the media the main issue or the single sourcing?
It has also now emerged that the funds were provided by president Jammeh and that no one wants to be associated with the misappropriation of such funds. Mr. Mboob was also aware of this fact and would not want his name and signature to appear on the forms. Most of the staff at the Ministry are very unhappy with the state of affairs but no one wants to be seen sympathizing Mr. Mboob because such sympathy could be used against them.

The hullaballoo however would not abate until the young professional who has been victimized by persons more powerful than him is freed. If the authorities want to verify these claims, it’s simple. Monitor the payments or better still, question members of the contracts committee as to why they refuse to sign the payments.

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I want to reassure the general public that such injustice will be defeated when the truth about the matter is appreciated by the authorities. This is a battle against injustice and fraudulent activity

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