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GRA 6th Edition Annual Taxpayer Award: Africell Named Largest Taxpayer

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By: Dawda Baldeh

In the sixth edition of the Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA) Taxpayer Award Ceremony, Africell, the GSM operator, has been named the largest taxpayer. The ceremony took place at a local hotel in Senegambia.

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Having won the award in previous years, Africell was once again recognized with the most prestigious award after losing it to EcoBank Gambia in the 2022 edition.

This telecommunications giant was acknowledged as the country’s largest telecommunications company, complying with timely filing and payment obligations, making it the leading taxpayer.

This prestigious event aims to recognize and celebrate taxpayers who have consistently paid their taxes on time and remained compliant with tax regulations.

The awards ceremony has been an annual tradition since its inception, highlighting the achievements of the revenue authority and fostering appreciation from the business community.

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Addressing a cheerful audience at the ceremony yesterday, Gambian President Adama Barrow congratulated the awardees and commended them for contributing to national development through tax payment.

He emphasized that this achievement wouldn’t have been possible without his government’s commitment to providing a conducive environment for all businesses.

“Continue paying your taxes, and I will continue to grace this ceremony. Your taxes are significant in helping the government develop the country. Don’t see taxes as mere obligations but as contributions to national development,” President Barrow told the attendees.

The event brought together various important figures, including President Adama Barrow, cabinet ministers, senior government officials, and members of the business community.

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The presence of President Barrow and other high-ranking officials demonstrates the government’s commitment to recognizing and encouraging tax compliance.

President Barrow reaffirmed his government’s commitment to making Gambia more attractive for businesses, emphasizing that taxes are vital for national development.

Yankuba Darboe, the Commissioner General of the Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA), said this event is significant in promoting understanding between GRA and the business community.

He commended the business community for paying taxes on time and suggested a larger venue for next year’s ceremony due to increased participation, indicating the growing recognition of the importance of tax payment.

Darboe added, “Today, we celebrate our taxpayers and recognize their tremendous contributions to national development.”

The ceremony also served as a platform for stakeholders to engage with each other and discuss ways to further enhance revenue generation and economic development in The Gambia.

Below are the award categories and winners:

  • The Formal Sector Award Category in URR Taxpayer of the Year 2023 was won by ST. George’s Technical Junior & Senior Secondary School,
  • CRR won by Armitage Senior Secondary School, LRR won by Caritas Gambia, and NBR went to ST. Michael’s Junior & Senior Secondary School, while the WCR award goes to Sandalee Oil Trading Company Limited.
  • The Informal Sector Award Category 2023 was won by Sylva’s Car Wash, and the Small Taxpayer Award Category was won by Hassan Kassem.
  • The Foreign Exchange Bureau Category goes to Yonna Enterprise, and the Healthcare Award Category was clinched by Malak Chemist Co. Ltd.
  • The Agro-Industry Award Category goes to Royal Enterprise Ltd, and the Micro Finance Award Category was awarded to Reliance Financial Services.
  • The Media House Taxpayer Award goes to Core Broadcasting & Multimedia Company Ltd known as West Coast Radio, while the Supermarket Award Category was won by My Supermarket.
  • The Audit Accounting Firm Award Category was won by Foresight Accountancy & Audit Partners, and the Clearing Agent Category was won by M. Sowe Clearing & Forwarding Agency.
  • The Media Taxpayer Award Category was won by Top Shop, and the Construction Award Category goes to Compagnie Sahélienne d’Entrepise (CSE).
  • The Insurance Company Award Category was collected by Gambia National Insurance Company Ltd, and the ITC Award Category was won by African Information Technology Holding Company Ltd.
  • The Rental Income Award Category goes to Becca Plaza, and the Domestic VAT Taxpayer category goes to Ida Denise Drammeh.
  • The Paye Category was won by Castle Oil Ltd, and the Hotel award category goes to Palma Rima Hotel.
  • The Public Enterprise category goes to the Gambia Ports Authority, and the Manufacturer category goes to Nessim Trading Company Ltd.
  • The Basic Food Importer category goes to Shyben A. Madi and Sons Ltd, and the Oil Marketing Company category goes to Jah Oil Company Ltd.
  • The Bank Award category goes to EcoBank Gambia Ltd, and the Importer of the Year category goes to J and B Trading Company Ltd.
  • The Import VAT category goes to Futa Enterprise, and the GSM category goes to Qcell Gambia Ltd.
  • Finally, the Largest Taxpayer award category goes to Africell Gambia.

Additionally, Gambian President Adama Barrow was honored with a special award for his contributions to the country’s development, peace, and stability, among others.

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