Monday, April 22, 2024

Exploring Opportunities: Gambian Musician/Entrepreneur Secures Partnerships with UAE Investors

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By: Dawda Baldeh

Renowned Gambian Musician, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, and Activist Modou Lamin Bah, also known as Egalitarian, has successfully secured a partnership with ACX Investment LLC, a potential UAE investor.

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Bah, who serves as the chairman of Real-Time Investment Company, finalized this agreement with S.M Ali, the chairman of AXX Investment.

The objective of the joint venture, named “Nation Development Organization,” is to contribute to The Gambia’s development by focusing on economic growth, social development, sustainable initiatives, and infrastructural development.

Under the agreement, AXX Investment LLC will provide financial resources, strategic guidance, and managerial expertise, while Real-Time Investment Company Ltd, led by Mr. Bah, will establish and operate the organization’s office in Dubai, UAE.

Mr. Bah will contribute his project management expertise, local knowledge, and networking skills to advance the joint venture’s objectives.

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The joint venture will prioritize various sectors such as infrastructural development, agriculture, technology, energy, financial services, education programs, healthcare initiatives, and sustainable economic projects.

By strategically addressing these sectors, the joint venture aims to enhance the quality of life for the citizens of The Gambia and make a lasting positive impact on the nation’s socio-economic landscape.

AXX Investment LLC is described as a world-class business gateway in Dubai, UAE, with a decade of experience in various economic development initiatives.

The company offers financial consultancy services, participates in economic business forums, and develops partnership projects.

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Mr. S.M Ali, the Chairman of AXX Investment, is recognized as a reliable potential investor with a remarkable three decades of experience in the finance world.

He is known for his influential role in economic policymaking and has achieved significant development in various sectors.

Mr. Modou Lamin Bah, also known as Egalitarian, is a prominent musician in the region who has used his creative art (music) to promote global unity and peace.

He has received numerous national and international awards and is recognized by global public figures and world leaders.

In addition to his music career, Mr. Bah is the founder of the Egalitarian Foundation, a charity organization that supports youth empowerment.

He has initiated various programs, including the “Educate Your Neighbor” sponsorship education program, which supports children with special needs and drop-out students.

The foundation also supports individuals with medical bills and promotes diverse cultural values and sports education, particularly in youth football academies.

Overall, this joint venture agreement aims to bring together the expertise and resources of both parties to contribute to The Gambia’s development and improve the lives of its citizens.

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