Friday, July 19, 2024

D. Jobz Warns Against Selective Promotion of Artists to Avoid Conflicts

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By: Dawda Baldeh

Dembo Jobarteh, also known as D Jobz or Baddest Manager, an Artist Manager, and Music Business Consultant, has spoken out about the need for Gambian music promoters to promote artists equally and avoid creating conflicts.

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D Jobz told The Fatu Network that treating Gambian artists equally is not just about advancing their careers but also about preserving and celebrating the country’s cultural identity.

“Music has the power to reflect society, challenge norms, and inspire change. By empowering our artists, their work can catalyze social, economic, and cultural development within the country,” Jobarteh emphasized.

According to Jobarteh, there is a tendency among Gambian music promoters to selectively promote certain artists, leading to tensions and conflicts between artists.

Jobarteh noted that fostering a supportive environment for artists entails providing access to education, training, and mentorship programs.

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He added, “By investing in their skills and development, Gambian artists can enhance their artistic abilities and gain the confidence to explore new creative avenues.”

He emphasizes the importance of treating all artists equally and providing them with fair opportunities for promotion.

Jobarteh pointed to the example of artists like “The Born Africans” and “Rebellion,” who were highly talked about during their prime.

He suggests that fans should understand the nature of the music business, where trends and popularity can change over time.

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“Many artists struggle to make a sustainable living due to limited opportunities and low pay,” he added.

D Jobz believes that artists should be fairly remunerated for their contributions, enabling them to focus on their craft and produce high-quality work.

By promoting artists equally, Jobarteh believes that the music industry in The Gambia can foster a more harmonious and supportive environment for artists.

“This approach would not only benefit the artists themselves but also contribute to the growth and success of the Gambian music scene as a whole,” he added.

D Jobz emphasizes the need for the government, private sector, and society as a whole to prioritize the development and promotion of Gambian artists.

This includes providing financial support, establishing dedicated art spaces and galleries, organizing exhibitions, and creating platforms for artists to engage with audiences.”

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