Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Coughing Yahya Jammeh at Brikama meeting says ‘I am not sick’

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Yahya Jammeh has said he is ‘not sick’ but very fine following an embarrassing coughing attack during his campaign meetings him recently.

Mr Jammeh made the remarks on Thursday while addressing a rally in Brikama, West Coast Region as part of ongoing campaign ahead of next week’s election. 

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Introduced to address the meeting, Mr Jammeh began by coughing repeatedly, catching the attention of everyone on the ground. He then quickly had suspicion mind and tried to defend himself saying he is not sick.

“I am not sick. I am just coughing” he said, adding that he was very fine and nothing was wrong with him.

His comments then created a general laughter from the crowd, each looking at each others eye though many laughed in the open.

The actions of Mr Jammeh in the Brikama meeting almost confirmed rumors about his health over the past months. He rarely appears in public gatherings unlike before and also recent pictures of him show a different face – someone who loose weight and facially looking frustrated and growing old.

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Though his office did not still comment on his health despite rumors over the past months, Mr Jammeh always pretends been healthy and strong as seen and on the campaign trail for relection to a fifth term in upcoming December 1st polls.

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