Landlords and business owners in Brikama and environs in the West Coast Region have expresssed concerns about the escalation of rates and taxes imposed by the local authorities in recent years, reports received by The Fatu Network has revealed.


According to reports, the Brikama Area Council (BAC) has introduced a new method of tax and rate evaluation in the past three years. The new rate evaluation is base on the size(s) of house(s) in the compound. The size of the house determines the rate to be paid.


“I used to pay one hundred and fifty dalasi as rate but recently was asked to pay two thousand dalasi. They said i have a duplex in my compound,” said Lamin Camara, a landlord in Brikama.


Mr. Camara showed this medium a copy of the invoice signed by Baboucarr Manka, the Rates and Tax Manager at Brikama Area Council.


“I paid two thousand for the two bungalows in my compound,” said a distraught landlord who does not want his name to be mention.


Ebrima Sarr, a young man having gym on the road also complained about the business difficulties and high taxation. He said he is paying yearly rent of one hundred thousand dalasi, despite the slow progress his business is making.


“They charge me to pay D6000. I have just started the business now. Where will i get all these money to pay rent, income tax, value added tax and other taxes,” he said.