Sunday, June 23, 2024

Thousands of jubilant supporters welcome Coalition standard bearer in the Kombos   

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Tens of thousands of jubilant supporters around the Kombos, on Friday, came out to support Adama Barrow, the opposition coalition standard bearer and accompanied him to a mass rally in Brufut.


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The coalition is formed by seven opposition political parties and an Independent candidate to face incumbent Dictator Yahya Jammeh who has rule the small West Africa nation for the past 22 years.


The coalition like the ruling APRC party of Mr Jammeh and the GDC party of Mama Kandeh all spent the past two weeks touring the provincial part of the country in the campaign period before coming to the urban areas as the hour to the presidential election clicks down.


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Gambians go to polls next week with the sole aim of making change to the regime and usher in a new leadership.


Meanwhile, during Friday’s welcoming, the supporters and coalition delegation were met at Basori village and escorted to Brikama, capital of West Coast Region.


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As the entourage got closer to Brikama, more and more people came out in thousands to escort the delegation to Brikama where a tumultuous welcome was accorded with an extraordinary crowd of supporters and party sympathizers.


“I have never seen this kind of crowd since i was born. There are thousands of supporters standing on the road. The vehicles in the entourage are more than thousand and still not enough as some people sit on the top of the vehicles. Women are clapping and singing wearing T-shirts written on the back: “We Are Stronger Together” a young man told The Fatu Network.


Meanwhile, the entourage which was full of excitement continued to receive more applause from waiting crowds along the road who cheered them through Brikama – Tabokoto – Buffer Zone – West Field and finally to Brufut.


Some people walked from Brikama to Westfield while others walked as far as their legs could carried them.


“Let us vote him out, let us vote him out,” the crowd was heard chanting throughout the long walk.


“My husband cannot find job for many years. We need change and employment,” said a middle age woman at Lamin village.


However, Yundum Barracks gates were seen closed when the coalition delegation was passing by but soldiers could be seen from inside the camp watching at the moving crowd and others raising their hands to the people seated on top of the vehicles in the covoy.


In Brufut, thousands and thousands of loyalists and supporters of the coalition attended the meeting despite the late night arrival.

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