Tuesday, November 28, 2023

‘Wirri Wirri’ actors in Gambia for wedding, attends Jammeh’s campaign rally

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By Alhagie Jobe

Actors of the famous Senegalese widely watched Tele-serie call ‘Wirri Wirri’ airing on TFM TV station who are in The Gambia for a wedding ceremony are reported to have attended one of the meetings of Dictator Jammeh on his campaign trail.

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Images obtained by this medium clearly shows the Senegalese actors attending one of Jammeh’s meetings with one Gueye wearing APRC T-Shirt and posed in picture with APRC supporters while Cheikh Ndiaye alias Jojo and Aziz Niane alias Cheikhouna also posed in pictures with other APRC supporters.


According to sources, the Senegalese actors actually accompanied their colleague Aziz Niane alias Cheikhouna to Bakau, The Gambia, for a wedding. Sources said one Police officer met them, appreciate and admired them and took them to the meeting of President Jammeh where they where given APRC T-Shirts.

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Few days ago, Nigerian Nollywood actresses where also spotted in The Gambia and supporting Dictator Yahya Jammeh’s campaign trail which caused global condemnation for them to support such a brutal dictator.


Senegalese wrestlers, musicians and actors have ever been accused of scavenging on Gambia’s meagre resources by frequently visiting the country and meeting President Jammeh privately and even publicly. Each time they went to The Gambia as a group like they are on the campaign trail, it has been at President Jammeh’s invitation and at the expenses of Gambia’s tax payer’s monies.

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It could be recalled that in 2015, President Jammeh gave two expenses cars and huge cash amount to famous Senegalese wrestler Emeu Sene which caused outrage in the country.

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