Thursday, July 25, 2024

BKF Foundation Engages Nema-Su Students on Impact of Drugs & Substance Abuse

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By: Dawda Baldeh

The Bob Keita Foundation has recently engaged students at Nema-Su Junior and Senior Secondary School on the impact of drug and substance abuse with the slogan “Take the Pen and Leave the Drug.”

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This campaign aims to combat the growing mental health problems among young people, which many perceive to be caused by drug abuse.

The foundation’s main objective is to empower and inspire youth, which prompted them to launch this initiative in response to the surge in drug use across the country.

Understanding the significance of involving the younger generation in preventing drug abuse and prioritizing education, the foundation took action by implementing the slogan “Take the Pen and Leave the Drug.”

During his address to the students, Mr. Keita, the foundation President, emphasized that education plays a vital role in creating a better society.

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He expressed concern about the increasing prevalence of drug consumption among young people and urged them to refrain from substances like Gina Bass, Kroos, and other drugs that could hinder their education.

In addition, Bob, who serves as a source of inspiration for many, took the opportunity to gift the school with 2,000 pens.

Each pen carried a powerful message, urging the students to choose the pen as a symbol of a brighter future rather than the destructive path of drugs.

Representing the students’ appreciation, the head girl of the school expressed their deep gratitude and praised the foundation for its praiseworthy initiative.

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She highlighted the fact that, throughout their three years at the school, no other organization had provided similar initiatives or uplifting gestures.

Furthermore, the school management also conveyed their gratitude to the foundation for its outstanding efforts.

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