Monday, June 17, 2024

Concerned Youth From Nema Su Have Embarked on Demolishing and Burying Illegal Septic Systems on the Streets

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By: Alieu Jallow

The concerned youth of Nema Su in Sukuta have taken stringent measures to ensure that anyone found violating the law is held accountable. These concerned youth took the initiative on Wednesday to demolish and bury all sewage and septic systems built on public roads. This action was prompted by some landlords building sewage and latrine systems on public streets.

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Sheriff Ceesay, the team leader, stated that as responsible citizens, they cannot sit idly by and watch others pollute their environment. He mentioned that they had reported the issue to the National Environmental Agency (NEA) five months ago, urging them to take action against the perpetrators. However, since the agency failed to act, Abdouraman Bah, the brother of Abdou Bah, also started constructing two septic systems outside his compounds.

“The brother dug a large septic system on the street, which was reported to the NEA. They promised to send inspectors to assess the situation and remove it immediately. We waited for five months, but two days ago, the brother of the other guy built another one outside. Today, we received information that they are digging another one in front of his house, along with concrete barriers on the same street. We decided to take action because despite reporting the matter, the authorities did not respond. We believe it is our responsibility as citizens to protect our community,” he emphasized.

Ceesay stressed that Lamarana Bah had the audacity to build a second sewage system or septic tank because his brother Abdou Bah got away with the one he built on the same street. He pointed out that they all have spaces in their respective compounds but failed to utilize them properly to build their sewage systems.

“They have space inside their compounds where they should build septic systems, as every other compound is doing. We all have our own compounds and enough space, but we build septic systems inside our compounds. What gives them the audacity or the right to build septic systems on our public roads, which are not even safe? Someone could step on them and fall inside. We have children here, and there’s a nearby football field where kids play all the time. That’s why we decided to take action,” Tijan Jallow lamented.

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Tijan described the move as barbaric, as the toxins from human waste are harmful to the health of the neighborhood. He blamed the National Environmental Agency for failing to enforce regulations and laws that should be followed by the public.

“It is irresponsible of the NEA to enact laws and regulations that should be followed by the public but fail to enforce them against offenders. It is reported that the fine for sewage found on the road is D5000, but this is not happening. If this matter was reported to the NEA, they should have taken bold steps and been the first to respond. However, they have failed in their duties and responsibilities as a state institution,” Tijan criticized.

Abdourahman Bah has lodged a complaint with the police after the youths aggressively demolished his septic system. These young people affirm that they will not relent until all environmental hazards caused by residents are addressed and dealt with. They also mention plans to repair all leaking NAWEC water pipes that continue to flood the streets.

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