Billay G Tunkara rebuts ‘greedy’ Darboe, says UDP leader betrayed Gambians

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MP Billay G Tunkara has responded to Ousainou Darboe after the UDP leader accused him of betraying UDP because of D10,000.

Mr Darboe went after the Kantora National Assembly Member last week Thursday that the MP betrayed UDP just because of D10,000. He also insisted Tunkara will be a one-term MP.

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In strong riposte, Tunkara said: “It is with a great disappointment listening to my former political party leader, Honorable Ousainou Darboe making personal attack on my humble self in one of United Democratic Party (UDP) political rally in my constituency in Kantora.

“Lawyer Darboe claim that I betrayed the UDP and without giving the genesis and true reasons of my explusion from the party few years ago. Well, it is not a disaster to decamp from a party that is not consistent and against the popular will of the population.

“His claims were unfounded and misleading only attempting to vitiate my project accomplishments and goodwill in Kantora constituency by swaying in negative perception in the minds of people of the region particularly his political surrogates.

“Undoubtedly, this is what virulent and unbridled opposition leader do to a progressive politician particularly when seen monumental developmental projects. What was Darboe able to achieved in his decades of political meandering in The Gambia. Lawyer Darboe is trying to downplay with facts surrounding why I left his party in 2019.

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“Yet, interesting Honourable Darboe fall short to advanced any reason why he has betrayed the President Adama who has safe his soul from the prison in 2017 following his incarceration in 2016. Therefore, I think it is essential for me to help you understand the exact reasons why he has betrayed the President and The Gambian people in this crucial transition period.

“The reasons for Honorable Darboe betrayal to president Barrow is associated with his obsession for power, greediness and lack of self contentment. His egocentrism has made him turned his back on president Adama Barrow. Thereby, betraying the Gambian population after all the sacrifices made during and post election in 2016.”


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