Monday, June 17, 2024

Barra Residents Commend Ghanian ECOMIG Troops for Voluntary Community Services

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The residents of Barra in the Lower Nuimi District are commending the Ghanaian troops serving in the ECOWAS mission in Gambia, known as ECOMIG, for their voluntary community services. These services include cleanup exercises, donations, free medical assistance, and the rehabilitation of worship centers such as mosques, among others.

The residents express their gratitude to the Ghanaian troops for their continuous engagement in community services. They highlight the troops’ efforts in cleaning up the environment, particularly the garage area, which was previously dirty and inconvenient to live in.

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“We are grateful to the Ghanaian troops serving in ECOWAS stationed in Barra. Our garage is very clean today because of their exercise, as it was very dirty and inconvenient to live in previously. We cannot thank them enough for their generosity to us. They could’ve ignored it like those in the garage who make it dirty, but they chose to clean it for us,” said Adama Cham, ‘Chef De Garage’ of Barra.

The residents appreciate the generosity of the troops and acknowledge that a clean environment is essential for their well-being. According to the villagers, the troops’ intervention goes beyond cleanup exercises.

“They have also undertaken the renovation of buildings at the garage, which were in a delicate state. All these services are provided free of charge, and the residents have developed a good relationship with the Ghanaian troops,” Cham added.

The Vice President of the Garage Association, Ousman Jobe, praises the troops for their sincerity and positive influence on the lives of the community members. He expressed their joy and gratitude for the troops’ intervention and cleanup efforts.

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“We will take responsibility for maintaining the cleanliness of the garage, and we appreciate the troops’ care and concern for our community. The presence of the Ghanaian troops in Barra has significantly improved our lives over the years,” Jobe said, adding that the foreign troops have established a good reputation within the community. This cleanup exercise is just one example of the many activities undertaken by the troops to strengthen their relationship with the local community.

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