Sunday, June 23, 2024

Abuko United Club President Urgently Appeals to GFF for Resolution Amid Controversial Club Sale

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By: Zackline Colley

In a surprising turn of events, the president of Abuko United Football Club has called upon the Gambia Football Federation (GFF) to intervene and resolve a contentious issue surrounding the recent sale of the club. The sale, allegedly executed without obtaining majority consent from key stakeholders, has sparked turmoil within the Abuko United community.

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Expressing deep concern over the lack of consultation, the club president, Kebba Sambou, emphasized the importance of maintaining the club’s integrity and respecting the voices of its members. The unexpected transfer of ownership has left the Abuko United executives in a state of uncertainty, raising questions about the transparency and legitimacy of the transaction.

“One of our members sold the team without our knowledge. We have made it very clear that we did not agree, but they are still insisting that we sell the team, and they have changed the name to TMT. I have written a letter of protest to the GFF, but it seems they have not taken it seriously. What they are saying is not true; our team is not sold. The person who claimed to sell the team cannot sell it alone. Although he’s part of us, he cannot sell the team without our consent. We were not consulted until we heard it on the air that the team was sold,” Mr. Sambou told the Fatu network.

Abuko United, a club with a rich history and a devoted fan base, now finds itself at a crossroads as the GFF is urged to investigate the circumstances leading to the sale. The president is seeking swift action to address the grievances and ensure a fair resolution that aligns with the wishes of the majority.

“Only the GFF can help resolve this issue; we were told he sold the team for D200,000. Although he is an executive member, he alone cannot sell our team without consent from the majority,” Mr. Sambou added.

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The president emphasized that the GFF, as the governing body overseeing football affairs in The Gambia, is expected to launch an inquiry into the matter. The outcome of this investigation will likely have far-reaching implications not only for Abuko United but also for the broader football community within the country.

As stakeholders anxiously await developments, the spotlight is firmly on the GFF’s role in preserving the spirit of fair play and ensuring that the interests of the club and its supporters are safeguarded during this tumultuous period.

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