Monday, July 22, 2024

31 Gambians Deported From Libya

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Information reaching this medium has it that 31 Gambian immigrants have been deported from Tripoli, Libya.

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According to reliable sources the 31 deported immigrants arrived at the Banjul International Airport in the early hours of Wednesday. They were reportedly escorted from the airport to the Independent Stadium where they are kept for documentation before leaving to meet their family members. Sources say they were not happy with the situation at the stadium.

The deportation of the immigrants from Tripoli is said to have been coordinated by the United Nations and International Migration Organization with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Gambians Abroad.

Many of the deportees disclosed that they have volunteered to come back because of the deplorable living conditions in the war torn Arab country. They talked about the kidnappings by the rebel groups who requests high amounts of money for ransoms. They said there are so many Gambians who are ready to come back home.

Talking to Hatab Jeng, one of the deportees who spent 5 years in the unstable country said he was captured by one of the rebel groups and was detained for six months.

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“We were living in very difficult conditions there,” Hatab Jeng said.

Hatab said he traveled to the Arab country in search of greener pastures to support his family at home. He said he was engaged in skilled work such as engineering, welding and construction to earn a living.

The deportees complained of hardship at the stadium saying they were not given any food except a small piece of bread.

Meanwhile, the officials could not be reached for comment.

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