Monday, June 17, 2024


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There is a Mandinka proverb which says ‘Wandi kunku sene itaa be ñankaring’. Roughly, this can be rendered thus: Weeding someone’s farm while neglecting your own. This is what is happening in many work places in the Gambia. There are many places in this country where foreigners are preferred over Gambians. This is unacceptable.

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It is unfortunate that one observes some offices, schools, or other work stations and see the foreigners being given preference over Gambians. My heart bleeds when I see my fellow Gambians being marginalized in their own country. Being born in a country has two sides. It gives one rights and privileges but also brings along responsibilities and obligations. One of the privileges is to be given priority over any other individual. So our officers, directors, managers, principals and other leaders should always give preference to Gambians. Of course, the expertise is important and the experience, but if all things being equal, you have a Gambian and a foreigner, patriotism will dictate that you consider the Gambian.

Please, don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against foreigners, I studied in Ghana so I know that we have to corporate with our neighbours but there is a saying in Wolof, ‘Suma boppaamala genal du bañ naala’. This can be roughly translated as ‘I love myself more than I love you doesn’t mean I hate you’. Giving our Gambian citizens priority over others is patriotism.

Mr President, we must show love of country and promote Gambianness. We have to show love of country in whatever we do. Perhaps we need laws which will regulate our employment manner. This, I think, is important.

Have a Good Day Mr President. …

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