Thursday, November 30, 2023

‘I was never tortured at SIS’ – Detained soldier says, rubbishes media reports

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Following media reports of resumption of torture at the former National Intelligence Agency ( NIA) now State Intelligence Service (SIS), the alleged victim has rubbished the media reports saying he was never tortured.

Lance Corporal Sambujang Bojang, a member of the Gambia Armed Forces was alleged to have been tortured at the State Secret Agency’s offices following his recent arrest and interrogation.

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Bojang was arrested on July 12th, accused of aiding a detained soldier named Yerro Jatta to escape from custody, which he vehemently denied.

Fugitive Yerro Jatta was detained at Fajara Barracks together with other soldiers who are accused of mutinous acts by taking part in a Whatsapp Group Chat, discussing and planning issues said to be threatening national security.

Bojang confirmed from his hospital bed at Fajara Barracks clinic that he was never beaten while under detention and interrogation at the SIS as reported by most online media organizations.

“I was arrested and handcuffed. During the process of removing the handcuff from my hands, I sustained injuries as the officers said they lost the key to open it. They had to use a hacksaw to cut the handcuff during which i sustained injury. I was never tortured during interrogation at SIS headquarters” he said.

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According to him, he was only asked to removed his clothes which he did. He said the investigating officers then cut off his ‘Jujus’ which he also complied to.

“The SIS officers obtained a statement from me and later hand me over to the Military Police.

He said he is admitted at the hospital because of injuries sustained while they were trying to remove the handcuff from his hand and not because of any torture.

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