Gambians who wondered just how shortsighted the cognitive elites of dying regime when facing their hypocritical moment of truth in going against the entire nation in the wake of the storm of Change, got their answer from the so called Chief of defense staff. One of the pied pipers of the regime boasted in obscene terms, warning his recalcitrant colleagues that —they are sick and tired of court endless marshals and they will begin executing disloyal solders straightway. These kinds of cheap tiresome scolds, is a telltale sign of the regime miserable campaign of murdering Gambians at free will without fearing any consequences thereafter. It’s also important to observe that they continue to drive in the head of Gambians the logrolling ideologies of Yaya Jammeh— as being immortal by using the fake debunked story tail of their former junta member.



When it became clear that they have largely completed the destruction of our country and Gambians do not need them anymore as a panther in moving forward to 2017, they resorted to the only reaction they know for twenty two years. They’ve got to be kidding. After all, we observed that the event demonstrated the folly of how the badjie brethren’s hostility towards Gambians, helped Jammeh in his social engineering quest to divided our nation and destroyed the professional code of conduct— by being innately unapologetically and unaccountable as the unelected holders of our nation. Gambians now are aware that these folks do not only have a mere manners deficit, their fatal weakness for pride and greed along with their ideological prejudice, have warped our country out of privilege. These are the same cadre of corrupt elites of our service men lacking a moral core to do what is right. They are the architects of death, executioners of torture, and the pied pipers who do not hesitate to pass on Jammeh’s immoral judgments against Gambians. They will antagonistically have their subordinates leak favorable stories about them on the issues of the minute. Its’ so sickening Gambians still fell for their chameleon tendencies.



Our country has been looted, vandalized and into flames of division by the cognitive elites of the regime. Gambians have helplessly watched in horror for twenty two years— and we are all wondering together if our beloved country is going to ever get back on track anytime soon. We have seen so much of the worst examples of behavior from Yaya Jammeh in regards to the sanctity of human life— that some Gambians counterbalance their safety by being shortsighted of events. How can we blame them all? Virtually, after all what Yaya Jammeh and his regime have done to Gambians, we are now afraid to judging people by their best intentions. This well-established phenomenon have magnified the impact of hashed regime calloused indifference when it comes to dealing ordinary citizens.



In short, contrary to common belief, these people have irresolvable grievances because with all the power and looting of our wealth through their spouses or ghost names, their angry faces have never become relaxed with happiness. It is sad that Gambians have grown accustomed to such abuse. We cannot continue to be content with the hidden cost of this regime. They represent everything we are not. We have been dismissed as good for nothing, wounded as a nation. Who wants to be cast aside as the last man to die in the pool of crocodiles? Their pleasures of trips to our central banks coffers and barbecues can speak for themselves where these peoples heart are. What sorely needs our attention today is something different than what we have experience for the past twenty years of terror.


By Habib ( A Concerned Gambia)