By Alhagie Jobe

A vehicle confirmed to be a State Guard vehicle is reported to have ran into a crowd of people in Lamin Village, Kombo North, on Monday evening killing over two people and injured at least nine others, sources have confirmed.


The village was crowded as opposition United Democratic Members (UDP) members and supporters were out to welcome their party leader Adama Barrow and his delegation who were returning from a countrywide familiarization tour on Monday. The arrival coincided with the return of President Jammeh from his home village of Kaniali  and the guards where at high speed and ran into the crowd.


It is not clear whether those killed are opposition UDP members or not but eye witnesses confirmed that among the deaths are an old woman and a young boy whose identities are yet to be unknown.


Witnesses added that five people among those injured are students from St. Peters High School and the rest are villagers who were coming from the cemetery after a  burial.


Earlier in the day as the UDP entourage almost reached Tabokoto, the opposition UDP reported on its website that Para Military officers tried to block the road which the delegation was supposed to used and diverted traffic with the excuse that President Jammeh was coming back from Kanilai. The UDP delegation and supporters stood their ground and that never happened and where allowed a smooth passage.