By Alieu Ceesay

The Office Of The President has given directives for a name change to the newly formed “Adama Barrow’s Youth Movement”, The Fatu Network has gathered. The movement was formed in order for the youth to better support the President in his national development agenda.

Sources say the directive came after The President was advised against it. “I believe the name change issue was raised because the idea did not sit well with The United Democratic Party whose Youth Wing saw this new entity as a potential rival”.  A source told The Fatu Network.

Whatever the facts are, one thing remains clear though and that is the fact that many Gambians have from the beginning found the creation of this new movement in the name of the president very disturbing.

Though it is said to be a ‘non-political movement by the founders, the formation of the Movement has been criticized by many who say it is a reminder of the Green Youth during former President Jammeh’s era.

They said the movement is nothing but a political propaganda. The former President is said to have used the same strategy of having the Green Youth, which helped him stay long in power.

The Adama Barrow’s Youth Movement recently held a meeting at the Buffer Zone, which was attended by the opposition APRC spokesman Seedy Njie. It is unclear how soon the name change will take effect.