By Sulayman Jeng

Birmingham, UK


As spears of the sun meticulously lacerate the dark cloat of the night to usher in a glorious Monday morning and getting ready for work, I thought of you.

Mr President it is said some are born leaders. Conversely, others achieve leadership through regorous honing of their perfect imperfections and personifying the dominant spirit of their times. Whilst a handful are propelled into leadership by the unapologetic hand of Fortune. Of the three, I revered one who achieve leadership through meticulous personal development. Perhaps, my choice is influenced by the premise success gained through hard work is more gratifying.

I gloat your efforts in perfecting your imperfections. I reliably learned that the First Lady is currently in Senegal to grace a wedding on the invitation of Senegalese First Lady and you opted to personally fund her trip instead of the state. Your reason been you deemed the visit unofficial and therefore inappropriate for the state to foot the bill. In a similar refreshing development, you appreciated the popular demand for your government to refrain from the much condemned practice of Mr Friday’s regime in using government aparatus during political campaign. As such you revoked the request for government vehicles to be used during the National Assembly political campaign by coalition party stakeholders. Very promising and uplifting. For that, you have stolen my heart. Ops my bad. What I meant is you earn my respect once more. Mr President, great leaders are those who are sensitive and responsive to popular needs. I must gracefully register so far you are trending. Trending? Should I digress to buttress? You know sometimes I have these little corky stories that that rudely flip flop in my head like drunken officers on duty urging me to sell them to my readers.

Mr President for now I will resist the tantalising urge and request we move from appreciating to approving. I can’t help laughing at what Lamaran Jallow would be saying at this juncture bitting his finger and shaking his head: “Oh, sachana filmo bi”. But on a serious note what is going on with the Vice President position? I hope am not opening a Pandora box? Fundamentally, there is no clause in the constitution which clearly dictates that the position should be filled by only a female. Forlornly, if the notion going viral holds any substance that UN and EU have demanded the position be given to a woman then you have vindicated those accusing your leadership of being micromanaged. That apart aren’t there any other qualified Gambian to occupy the post? Yes it is appreciated effort was made to address the age saga in parliament but due to an inappropriate approach taken the upper age limit bill is shelved pending its proper processing. However, your continued silence on the issue has generated speculations and disappointments in many quarters if the truth be said. Mr President kulaneh sang gul, sa tarr la buga. Therefore, do yourself a favour and appoint someone as your Vice President. Few months after the amendment of the upper age limit, you can reshuffle your cabinet by bringing on board the person you currently earmarked for the post.

It is equally interesting to note politicians have kick-started canversing for votes from Gambian for their aspiring NAM candidates. Regrettably, word has already commenced circulating that some coalition party leaders are on record in misinforming the electorates. To present candidates as been sponsored by you amounts to gross political dishonesty and disrepute your leadership fairness. Sanity requires to maintain your impartiality as an independent leader of the coalition, you address it soonest before it escalates into a regrettable political saga. Watching Hon Lawyer Darboe’s video at the IEC, I watch with dismay Police Commissioner King Colley in uniform and duty descended into a griot for the Hon Minister. His action reminded me of the most loathed images of service men and women slaving for Jammeh. His impartiality was disgracefully compromised. It is such backside sniffing act which resulted in police losing public trust and confidence. We condemned such acts under Jammeh and I still maintain it is wrong to be glorified under you.

Until tomorrow morning and while counting on your consideration of my pleas, please accept my highest commitment.