A heavy confrontation occurred today at the High Court between the families of late Solo Sandeng and the sympathizers and families of detained Ex-NIA officers, who are charged with the murder of the late Sandeng.

The accused persons –  Yankuba Badjie, the former head of the National Intelligence Agency and eight others are charged with the murder of late Solo Sandeng, the UDP member who was arrested on April 14th, 2016 during a peaceful protest for electoral reforms. He was allegedly tortured to death by the NIA.

The confrontation started after the court proceeding as the accused persons were being escorted to the Prison vehicle to board and leave for the Mile II Prisons were they are currently detained. As they walked into the van, their sympathizers and family members wanted to make them heroes prompting the lead accused person Yankuba Badjie to voice out words which angered the Sandeng families.


Immediately, Fatoumatta Sandeng and Muhammed Sandeng, daughter and son of late Solo Sandeng, both angrily reacted leading to heavy scuffle between the two parties.

Things later calm down as the families of the former NIA officers back down after gaining no support from the hundreds of people gathered at the Court House. They later sneak away one by one, calming down the tension.

Meanwhile, the case is adjourned to next Monday.