Professor Khalil is relieved of his duties as chief medical director of the country’s main referral hospital. Perhaps, the only true professor in the country. The man, who has brought tremendous changes in the hospital, the man, who has administrative experience is removed.
His replacement is Dr Amadou Samateh, who has no administrative experience. Whose job is only to conduct surgeries.

The guys is a surgeon and that’s all he knows. What has Khalil done to deserve demotion?? The answer “he is not a Gambian.” But that begs the question, was he doing a good job? You bet he was!
So why replace him?? Hmm, perhaps because he was appointed by the former president.
Could it also be that tribal politics has extended its tentacles in the health sector too?? How can the man heading the most disorganized unit (surgery unit) in the hospital (Kitabu and others will agree…) be promoted to chief medical director? What has he done to merit this promotion?

Even if we want to put Gambians in charge of key positions shouldn’t we at least put the right people, who have a tract record of good leadership skills as evidenced by the achievements they have made in their former posts. We will certainly continue to retrogress if we keep putting square pegs in round holes.
I have nothing against Dr Samateh. He didn’t steal from my barn neither did he mount my wife.
However I sincerely think any appointments made should represent an upgrade on the former holder of the post which unfortunately in my view is not the case in this case. How many surgeries have been cancelled because there is no anesthetic drug? How many theatre cases are pending?

I have an aunt on the waiting list since 2014, still waiting to have the cyst at the back of her leg removed, the cyst that has turned her almost disable. Despite the fact that I work at the hospital, I couldn’t help her.
How many patients are dressed on alternate days (who should be dressed daily) in the surgical wards because ” there is no dressing tray”.

Moreover, someone who complain that House officers (junior doctors) are overpaid should be nowhere near power.

This appointment is indeed a disappointment. Is appointments like this that is a good example of a bad example?

Finally, the series of tribal appointments is getting out of hands. The sooner we curb it the better for this country. Peace out!!!

Written By A Hospital Staff