Dear H.E. President Adama Barrow:

I want to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your new position in the Gambia and was so proud of the outcome of the elections and you winning your position.

The people of Gambia have a new beginning and a bright future with you leading the country and I thank God that you are now in place to lead them forward to new beginnings.

I am from Canada, Nova Scotia, a long way from your beautiful country but Gambia is very near and dear to my heart. There are many Gambians that live here that left the country when the former president was in power. I have so many dear Gambian friends that I hold dear to my heart and can tell you, there is no love for a country that is stronger than that of a Gambian.

I will be coming to visit your country in a year or two and wanted to let you know how proud of you we all are here in Nova Scotia, Canada and the moves you are making to bring Gambia back to a wealthy, proud and prosperous country. My prayers are with you, your family and your government of Gambia each and everyday.

I just wanted to send to you my blessings and wish you the best, so many people of your country are counting on you to bring new and better Gambia to it’s people. it is a large task that we know you will achieve.

You may never get my email, or answer it as I know you are so busy, but understand this. We are very proud of you, thousands of miles away, in another country, you are making a difference and we know this. May God bless you H.E. President Adama Barrow and the beautiful country and people of Gambia.

Jim Wile
Halifax, Nova Scotia