Monday, July 22, 2024

Young Gambian Aspires to Build an Aircraft

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By: Alieu Jallow

Baba Saidy, a Gambian youth, told The Fatu Network that he aspires to build an aircraft that can carry up to four people. Specializing in electronic devices and security alert systems, Saidy believes that with the necessary support, he could soon build an aircraft capable of flying four passengers.

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Baba Saidy, a science student who once built and donated an aeroplane to the former president, said he still has the vision to build an aircraft if given the support, as he believes he has a hidden talent.

“I believe I have a skill, and if I have support, we can transform it into something that our beloved country can be proud of. This is what I want, and I am always open to working with people,” he outlined.

Baba said he started building aircraft toys when he was in primary and junior secondary school. However, he didn’t have the control mechanisms for those flight toys, causing him to lose them once they flew.

Over time, Baba’s skills and knowledge in control mechanisms for his flight toys expanded, enabling him to create a control mechanism for one of his toy aircraft. He displayed this during a visit from former President Jammeh on a meet-the-farmers tour in Kanilai. According to Saidy, he successfully flew the toy aircraft from the ground into the atmosphere and back down, catching the attention of the former president, who promised him a scholarship to any university upon completing his senior secondary school.

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“The President was happy with the flight that I displayed in his presence, from the ground into the air with the radio technology I built and back to the point of flight. He promised me a scholarship to any university I wanted to attend, but due to a breakdown in communication, everything was lost,” Saidy said.

Mr. Saidy emphasized that the government should build a school of technology to form a capable team that can invent new technologies for the country.

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