Monday, February 26, 2024

Writer Asks How Six Million Dalasi Budgeted For A Seminar Was Spent By The AG Chambers

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Dear Editor


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This is your new investigator in Gambia.



Your Network is the most reliable medium that informs Gambians and the world in general about events happening in the Gambia. Hence we all rely on you for information even from within the Gambia. Keep up the good job.

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You must be aware that Gambian president organised a colloquium as part of events in the commemorations of the so-called July 22nd. My investigations revealed that 6 million dalasis was budgeted for the event.


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I want to use your medium to ask the following questions as part of my investigations trying to uncover huge corruption scandal with regards to how the funds were spent:



1. How was this budget of 6 million dalasi for the colloquium spent?



2. Why was the procurement office headed by Isata Jawara under immense pressure from Solicitor General Sankareh and her boss Fatima Singhateh?



3.While Asata seems to be trying to get to the bottom, who is currently helping her if indeed this is her intention.



These pertinent questions need answers.


From the Investigator

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