Monday, February 26, 2024

Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) Extends Frontiers in the Diaspora

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GDC Press Statement

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Gambians, friends of the Gambia, and the International Community:


The Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC), a newly formed Gambian political party led by Hon. Mamma Kandeh, here by inform the general public on its move to set up a Diaspora chapter –Gambia Democratic Congress Diaspora (GDC-Diaspora). GDC-Diaspora chapter comprises of experienced and seasoned Gambians in the field of politics, human rights, organization, relation building and engagement, community outreach, and fundraising


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GDC-Diaspora members recognized the laudable efforts of Hon. Mamma Kandeh. Added to supporting the GDC politically and financially, GDC-Diaspora will engage Gambian Citizens, their friends, and the international community to help build the momentum that already started in the Gambia from Kartong to Koina.



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Hon. Kandeh and the GDC guarantees “genuine democracy” and to ensure all Gambians are protected on their rights and privileges as will stipulate in a representative Gambian constitution. GDC will restore the human rights of every Gambian and further dignify our hard working women, the youths, the elderly, and all those whose dignity has been taken from them.



Agreeably, the Gambia under is in a state of political and economic crisis. The 2016 presidential elections are fast approaching; therefore Gambians and their friends everywhere have a big role to play in making the vision of Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) come true on December 1st 2016 by participating morally and financially. We all have a responsibility to explore every avenue that would ultimately free our people and enable us to join the family of respected nations.



We are humbly calling on Gambians in the Diaspora to set aside the partisan politics and join us to support the GDC and its saleable candidate, Hon. Mamma Kandeh.



Thank you all so much, and long Live the Gambia and its people!!


Signed on behalf of GDC-Diaspora:



If you wish to donate or join GDC Diaspora, please click on the Gofundme link bellow or contact any of our following members:


Babucarr Jallow, (USA): 206 354 1582


Alhagie Sowe, (Canada): 206 259 6721


Marie Williams, (Sweden): 0046735745549


Kebba Foon, (USA): 770 402 0459


Dodou Ndow, (UK): 0745 092 2018


Demba Dem, (Netherlands) 3110 822 1297


Omar M Darboe, (USA): 601 454 8311


Below is the GoFundMe Link:

http://Email: [email protected]

http://Face book page:





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