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Widow raising 4 children seeks support

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By Alieu Jallow

In the face of life’s severe trials, Jamie Jallow endured the loss of her firstborn, Ebrima Jallow, to a violent thunderstorm in June 2020. The seventeen-year-old had gone to gather saba senegalensis, also known as weda or “kabba,” to help with the family’s finances since his father was ill and his mother was recuperating from a car accident. Tragically, while Ebrima was picking the “kabba” fruit from a tree in the nearby bush, a sudden lightning strike, followed by a severe thunderstorm, hit the tree he had climbed, leading to his untimely death.

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Just five months after her husband, who had been battling a prolonged illness, passed away, Jamie was left to care for their four young boys, the youngest being only four years old. These family members were their sole support system.

Three and a half years following the loss of her eldest child and husband, Jamie finds herself reliant on the meagre income from producing charcoal, an occupation that subjects her to harmful conditions.

In an interview with The Fatu Network, Jamie, with tears in her eyes, shared the struggles of raising four children alone, especially with her current health not permitting her to continue with charcoal production. She is seeking assistance from the government, individuals, and philanthropic entities, whether in cash or kind.

“As am speaking [to you right now], I have nothing to feed my children. In fact, these days I am not feeling well, and I find it hard to feed them.

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“All my kids go to school and [are] expected to pay some money at school plus their daily upkeep, so I am humbly seeking support to help feed my kids and pay for their school fees. Please help me out for I am in desperate need of your help,” she pleaded.

For years, Jamie has struggled to earn a substantial income from her charcoal-burning business, often seen walking to the nearby bush in the early hours to provide for her young children who are unable to contribute due to their age.

Any assistance given to Jamie will significantly improve her and her children’s lives.
Those interested in offering support can contact these numbers 3802391, +220 274 3275, or 266 1211.

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