Monday, June 17, 2024

Tragic Gas Tanker Explosion in Totota, Liberia: 40 Lives Lost, 30 Injured in Crash and Deadly Fire

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By: Seringe ST Touray

A gas tanker crash in Totota, Liberia, resulted in a tragic explosion, claiming the lives of at least 40 people, with an additional 30 sustaining injuries.

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The tanker, carrying gasoline, overturned and fell into a ditch, leading to a deadly explosion as locals gathered. Reports indicate that some individuals attempted to collect leaking gas, exacerbating the situation.

Eyewitnesses describe people climbing on the truck to access the fuel, despite warnings from the driver. The incident has left 36 critically ill patients, including children and a pregnant woman, according to a health officer from Bong County. Authorities are still gathering information on the total casualties.

“There were lots of people that got burnt. For now, we hold the number of deaths at 15,” said Prince B. Mulbah, deputy inspector general for the Liberia National Police, in an initial report.

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