Friday, September 29, 2023

Towering place of Gambians in diaspora in Gambian economy laid bare again as Central Bank reveals they remitted over 15 billion dalasis to Gambia in 2019

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By Adama Makasuba

At least 16.4 billions dalasis was sent in the country on remittances in 2019, Central Bank of The Gambia announced.

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Saikouba Jabbi first deputy governor of Central Bank of The Gambia, who spoke on behalf of CBG governor on Saturday at Kairaba Beach hotel said: “Remittances received in The Gambia in 2019 reached $318.5 millions. This is equivalent to 16.4 billion dalasis.”

Remittances are monies sent by Gambians based in America, Europe, Asia and other countries in Africa into the country.

The Gambian diaspora is said to have made up seven percent of the country’s population that stands at about two million people.

More than half of the country’s population depends on agriculture as unemployment to among the country’s youth continue to rise.

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