Monday, April 22, 2024

‘He doesn’t own Gambia’: Dodou Jah fumes at Ba Tambadou – while saying APRC can only react to justice minister’s comments after an executive meeting

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By Lamin Njie

APRC deputy spokesman Dodou Jah has personally reacted to Justice Minister Abubacarr Tambadou’s comments that former president Jammeh will be immediately arrested if he returns to the country.

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APRC have upped their call for the return to the country of Jammeh from exile in Equatorial Guinea. Party supporters took to the streets last Thursday to insist on the implementation of an agreement that could pave the way for the former leader’s return.

Justice Minister Abubacarr Tambadou on Sunday said Mr Jammeh will be arrested if he sets foot in The Gambia, comments that have not sit well with the former president’s supporters.

APRC deputy spokesman Dodou Jah who can not immediately discussed the party’s position on the comments however told The Fatu Network Mr Tambadou is not the owner of The Gambia.

“Personally I believe this country has a constitution and Ba Tambedou is neither the owner of the country or the author of the constitution,” he said.

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He added: “Instead he has given the go ahead for Jammeh’s properties to be sold and he has to answer for that.”

According to him, APRC can only take a position on the comments when they hold an executive meeting.

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