Sunday, February 25, 2024


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“Practice without thoughts is blind; thoughts without practice is empty.” – Kwameh Nkrumah
There are lot of tripping reforms in  the new Administration of president Barrow which must be stabilized and positioned steadily for positive effort-returns. In other to have the confrontal issues of these nation resolutely approved as predicaments to the multiple demands emanating from the political environment, the juvenile administration of this country must   make it a priority to stamp out all forms of corruption. The menace of corruption in The Gambia is derailing our development efforts as a nation, and making the goal of our so-called national development plan vague and unattainable. It is important to note that, our security has been undermined, yet poverty and inequality persist in both spares of rural and urban-Gambia glaring like the eye of heaven.
Our National Development Plan ought to be a hybrid characteristically and a reflector to the social contract bound my two factions- the leadership and the governed. It must serve as a foresight and a roadmap towards the promise land for the Gambians; that is to foster economic growth, good governance and social cohesion.
Following the introduction of the National development plan, Gambians then, became victimized by sensations of optimism; hopes went high toweringly; we thought it’s going to be the Gambia`s road map for sustainable growth and a strategy of Salvaging us from the then endemic cultures of intolerance, bad governance and cronyism.
Evidently, there’s a clear negligence in the implementation of main priorities of the Gambia National Development Plan (2018-2021). What happen to the implementation of action-oriented measures designed in the National Development Plan to fight poverty  and ensure food security? What  happen to the government’s strategy on education tailored to  focus on providing quality basic education, improving the qualification and quality of teachers and so on and so forth? How about the primary health care?
To save the Gambia, there must be a popular participation. We must start organising national debates about the Gambia we want to hand over to our children; to discuss our immediate priorities and goals. Our National development plan cannot be postponed.
Omar Saibo Camara
Political science student
University of The Gambia

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