Monday, June 17, 2024

TANGO director calls for use of local languages during NA Proceedings

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By: Alieu Jalow

The Director of TANGO Ndey S. Bakurin has called on the National Assembly to encourage local participation by having proceedings of the National Assembly in the local languages to reflect a greater understanding by the local Gambian people.

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Madam Bakurin made these remarks at a stakeholder’s engagement with the National Assembly on Friday, September 1.

“Despite the fact that our official language is English, we are appealing to the NAMs who are representing the people to have the proceedings in the local language for our local people at the community level as they have to monitor government policies,” Madam Bakurin said.

Madam Bakurin emphasized that it is essential for people at the community level to have an understanding of processing in order to participate effectively. Additionally, she questioned the Parliament’s judgement regarding the need to spend an additional 116 million to establish a new republic, as it is a measure she hopes can be avoided.

“It’s sad and very unfortunate that women constitute only 8% of the members of the National Assembly, we need to correct that. It is about time we started talking seriously about quarters for women in Parliament and of course councils”.

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The forum is meant to bridge dialogue and enhance partnerships as watchdogs of society.

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