Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Stakeholders Convened to Validate the Ministry of Youth and Sports Strategic Plan 2024-2028

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Representatives from various ministries and departments gathered at a local hotel in Kololi to review and validate the Ministry of Youth and Sports (MOYS) Strategic Plan for 2024-2028. This comprehensive five-year plan will guide the development of youth and sports in The Gambia, ensuring alignment with the National Development Plan (RF-NDP 2023-2028).

The Strategic Plan was developed by ESTRA Consulting firm and funded by UNPFA Gambia. During the development process, there was a nationwide consultation with relevant stakeholders, including representatives from the youth and sports sectors, associations, civil society organizations, development partners, and government agencies. This plan aligns with the Recovery Focused National Development Plan (RF-NDP 2023-2028), supporting the advancement of youth empowerment in the areas of sport, employment, entrepreneurship and socioeconomic development among others key priorities.

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Speaking at the validation workshop, the Minister of Youth and Sports, Hon. Bakary Y. Badjie emphasized the importance of this document, and encouraged attendees participation throughout the validation process. He further expressed gratitude to UNFPA for the financial and technical support in the development of the strategic plan and legal framework. He highlighted the validation workshop’s critical role in refining the plan to ensure its quality, relevance, and practicality. He added that the workshop would provide a platform for stakeholders to critically review and incorporate relevant inputs to ensure successful implementation of the strategic plan.

Ms. Ndeye Rose Sarr, UNFPA The Gambia Country Representative, noted that the UNFPA The Gambia support for the development of the plan is a testament to their commitment to the empowerment and development of the nation’s youth. “Young people are one of the most important constituents of The Gambia’s population, with 60% being below 25 years of age,”. Ms. Sarr emphasized  UNFPA’s focus on youth issues, highlighting that the strategic plan addresses key areas such as education, employment, and entrepreneurship, which are crucial to youth development. The plan also acknowledges the role of sports in promoting physical and mental well-being, discipline, and teamwork amongst the population.

Background of the New Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan underscores the importance of inclusivity and recognizes the unique challenges faced by vulnerable groups, including persons with disabilities and young women. It proposes targeted interventions to ensure all young Gambians have equal opportunities to reach their full potential. The plan also addresses critical issues such as youth peace and security, social cohesion, the fight against drugs and crime, and the ongoing challenge of youth irregular migration. With the collaborative efforts of all stakeholders, including government institutions, civil society organizations, the private sector, and international partners, it is poised to lead the way toward a brighter future for The Gambia’s youth.

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The Ministry and stakeholders aim to create, through this plan, an environment where young people can thrive, contribute meaningfully to society, and ultimately play a critical role in building a sustainable and inclusive Gambia.

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