Monday, February 26, 2024

Sabally Exhorts Liberian Youths to Dream Big, Preserve Peace

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Former Presidential Affairs Minister and International speaker Momodou Sabally, has advised the young people of Liberia to dream big, remain positive and preserve the hard-earned peace and stability of their country.

Sabally made these remarks in a keynote speech he delivered in Monrovia where he served as guest of honour on the occasion of the 45th anniversary celebration of the Federation of Liberian Youth (Fly).

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Refreshing the memories of the delegates at the conference about the chequered past of their country in relation to civil unrest and the Ebola outbreak, he asserted

“And that is why your hard-earned peace, stability and health as a nation must never be taken for granted. The foregoing premises are the very reasons for the young people of this country, the ones with the biggest stake in the scheme of things, to resolve at all times and under all circumstances, to preserve the peace and stability of this great country of yours. There is no progress,  no development and there certainly can be no recovery of time lost to war and disease if there is no peace in your country.”

Citing the personal sacrifice of the current Liberian President who played for, coached and partly financed the Liberian national football team during his youthful years, Sabally exhorted the gathering of youth leaders to emulate the great civic leaders of the past and present generation to help them make meaningful impact on their societies.

“The examples abound. But I present  to you the case of the legendary Martin Luther King Junior. That towering giant of a civic leader who climbed against all odds to reach the top of the mountain of HOPE and prophesy a dream. So for you to become a good civic leader, you need to be able to DREAM and to dream big and to dream POSITIVE.

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“Yet, my brothers and sisters, let us be civil. Let us imbibe  the ethos of nonviolence and peaceful approach through dialogue in our civic overtures. Martin Luther King Jr. did it. Before him, Mahatma Ghandi did it. No matter how tough the situation and circumstances. No matter how agitated our base and followers. Let us, as leaders, approach issues with caution and with a determined ethos of peaceful resolution of matters dear to us and our flock.”

He concluded by urging the youths to embrace bigger dreams than their perpnsal goals and to strive to make their communities better by serving the people in authentic and genuine manners.

Other speakers at the event included the President of the Federation of Liberian Youth  (FLY) Amos Williams, former Presidential aspirant MacDella Cooper and the mayor of Monrovia.

Sabally participated in the 50th anniversary celebration of the UNFPA in Monrovia, on Thursday, May 30; and he later held a motivation talk and consultation session with the leadership of the Student Democratic Alliance at the University of Liberia. He also addressed a gathering of members of the University of Liberia Muslim Students Association at their ‘Iftarr’ event and led the group in prayers at their Monrovia campus.

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